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WORK WITH ME – Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Eat Like a Yogi Workshop

Become mindful of, and grateful for, the foods we choose to eat and our body’s desire for balance. This class will discuss my “Real Food Philosophy” of choosing a variety of whole foods based on what our bodies need. Participants will learn to be more aware of how and when they eat so that the act of eating is satisfying, how they can assess their own hunger and fullness cues and how to engage all their sense when eating.

Eating Disorder Foundation, Denver. Ongoing dates, check schedule here:

Naturally Gluten Free Cooking Class

It is not your imagination; gluten intolerance is on the rise and has doubled in the last 20 years. If you are gluten sensitive or have been diagnosed with celiac disease then this class is for you. Learn to cook easy, nourishing and naturally gluten free meals without giving in to processed, frozen, and packaged food-stuff. All ingredients are naturally gluten free and can be found at local stores.

Colorado Free University, Denver. Ongoing dates, check schedule here: