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WORK WITH ME – Coaching Package

Coaching Package

Ready to transform your health?
The Revive Program includes a one hour 1-on-1 private consult plus 2 follow up sessions (30 min).

Ready to leap into significant vibrant health?
The Thrive Program includes a one hour 1-on-1 private consult plus 4 follow up sessions (30min).

The Revive and Thrive programs are for those committed few who believe radiance and vitality is possibly. Find pleasure in your food, ditch diets and reclaim your health. Receive support in establishing your personalized “Real Food Eating” plan.  If you are gluten-free learn to be naturally gluten-free and if you are a vegan/vegetarian (or interested in it) learn how to make plant-based eating work for you. Identify your wellness goals through Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive. Receive all necessary resources and guidance to transform your kitchen, recipes and relationship with food. Invest in yourself and take charge of your weight, energy and wellness needs.

Ready to test the waters but not ready to jump yet?
The Single is a one hour all-about-you session. Identify ways to get in touch with your inner body wisdom to develop your perfect eating plan. Begin to take charge of your weight, energy and wellness needs so you can move closer to vibrant health.

If you live in the Denver area we have the option of meeting in person.

Online consultations are available for all services – all you need is a telephone or Skype!

To schedule your appointment contact me.