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OFF THE MAT – Philosophy


Why off the Mat Nutrition?

I have a propensity for being frenzied and rushed.  When I began practicing yoga that one hour a day became a reprieve where I felt calm.  Being on my mat became a time to reflect, slow down and listen to my body. Then something miraculous happened.  Through yoga I found gratitude in the mundane and became more mindful in all aspects of my life, especially with my relationship to food.

You don’t have to practice yoga, or even like yoga, to benefit from applying mindfulness and real food eating.

Off the Mat Nutrition takes healthy living and eating to a new level. It is a whole person approach that encourages awareness and gratitude. You are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all way to eat and live. Let go of nutritional dogma and diets. Forget everything you learned and approach your nutrition from a place of empowerment and strength. Begin to listen to your inner body wisdom, listen to your hunger and fullness cues, let go of the food guilt and allow yourself to begin again.

At Off the Mat Nutrition, I am passionate about helping you reclaim your health through “Real Food Eating” and the 5 spokes to vibrant health: EAT, BE, DO, LIVE, THRIVE. It doesn’t matter what challenges you are facing because when you set your intention to improve your health and nourish your body, you begin down a path ripe with abundant wellness and possibility.

Let me support you on your journey.

Keep Well,

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