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What is your practice?

You don’t have to own a mat or be a yogi to practice your nutrition “off the mat” with mindfulness and gratitude. If you are weighed down with extra weight, depleted, frustrated and tired of dietary dogma rediscover your unique nutrition practice.

Long before I became a Registered Dietitian I was an amateur in training. I have been overweight and underweight. I have been overfed and undernourished. I have practiced every diet imagined and some not yet mainstream. I had lost my luster, experienced fatigue, allergies, anxiety, IBS and gluten intolerance.

When I started listening to my inner voice, started practicing yoga and started appreciating the wisdom of “real foods” my health began to change. I began to experience radiant health and I now support others in finding their nutrition practice.

If you are ready to experience a shift in your relationship with food then dig in and start your journey with me.

Keep well,