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  • Peacock Blossoms

    Graceful Living: Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive

    Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive are the 5 essential components that helped bring me to graceful living and health. After years of unsuccessfully searching for that elusive “perfect” diet I found balance returning to the basics.  EAT well, BE present, DO movement and have a purpose, LIVE simply and THRIVE deeply and allow the excess [...]

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  • Loving Hands

    THRIVE-One Part Of The Whole

    My philosophy is that what we eat only contributes 1/5th of an influence to our health.  You may wonder where I came up with that statistic, well it isn’t scientific, it is deduced from the five areas that I believe all equally contribute to optimal health- EAT, BE, DO, LIVE, THRIVE.  Each one represents a [...]

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