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  • Peacock Blossoms

    Graceful Living: Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive

    Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive are the 5 essential components that helped bring me to graceful living and health. After years of unsuccessfully searching for that elusive “perfect” diet I found balance returning to the basics.  EAT well, BE present, DO movement and have a purpose, LIVE simply and THRIVE deeply and allow the excess [...]

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  • aum

    BE-Intentionally Savoring Each Moment

    Every Friday we contemplate one of the five parts of vibrant health-EAT, BE, DO, LIVE, THRIVE.  Last Friday we focused on THRIVE and today we explore BE. BE is being mindfully in the moment and listening to our hunger and fullness cues. It includes meditation, prayer, and quiet contemplation.  It is how we show up in [...]

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