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Your Cup of Tea

Tea has a long, rich history steeped (no pun intended) in tradition.  When I traveled to Japan a few years ago I was mesmerized by the stillness and presence the Buddhist monk displayed as he swirled the silky matcha green tea powder in the hot liquid.  I love tea, its subtleness has always been more appetizing than loud and boisterous coffee.

Green, white, oolong and black tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant which is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, epigallocatechin gallate or ECGC, being the most powerful.  ECGC has anti-cancer properties and several studies have shown that drinking 5-6 cups of green tea per day has major cardiovascular and metabolic health benefits.

Tea also contains theanine which promotes mental clarity and calm focus, the opposite of how people feel drinking coffee.  The brands, flavors and types of tea on the market are abundant.  You can try a spicy chai made with black tea, ginger and cloves or a light floral green jasmine or a smoky pu’erh.  One of my favorite brands is Yogi Tea, especially for the “yogi tea-isms” which are inspirational quotes on the tea bag tag.

As you sit and brew your pot enjoy a few Yogi Tea quotes that I collect in a bowl near my tea stash.

“Love what is ahead by loving what has come before”

“Your life is based on the capacity of energy in you, not outside of you”

and my sweet favorite

“Always be pure, simple and honest”

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