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The Top 6 Intentions For a New Year

Traditional meals and family gatherings are enjoyable holiday activities but often lead to overindulgence, weight gain and fatigue. After a month of excess our body naturally yearns to move towards a healthier and invigorating phase.

Start the New Year without resolutions but rather the intention to try activities that support and re-invigorate.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1,  Cooking Classes.  It is easier to make a healthy transition through hands-on experiences and also a great way to spend time with a loved one. Search for classes that teach healthy techniques such as ones that offer vegetarian/vegan, gluten free or a soup and salad cooking classes.

2, Buy a Vitamixer or Blend Tec.  A high-speed blender is a must if you want to make frothy smoothies, especially green ones using spinach, kale or Swiss chard along with fruit, a dab of honey and a slice of avocado. High-speed blenders also allow you to grind your own nut butters, prepare your own hummus and be a margarita making whiz at your next party.

3, Try Hand Weights.  An inactive person loses ½ pound of muscle per year after age 20 and 1 pound a year after age 60. Hand weights are a simple solution to preventing this loss.  Try bicep curls, leg lunges, overhead presses and triceps kick backs with 3-15 pound weights depending on your level.  Keep strong so you can put away groceries, walk around Wash Park and impress your friends by offering to move their couch.

4, Health Promoting Workshops.  Like cooking classes, workshops can inspire us to make a change we otherwise wouldn’t consider.  Search for workshops through yoga studios, fitness centers, churches or Colorado Free University.  Starting in February and Almost Vegan Cooking School is offering the Mind, Body, Food workshop that provides cooking classes along with support in transitioning to a plant based diet for managing chronic diseases and supporting weight loss.

5, Cookbooks.  Perfect for the budding Julia Child or anyone who complains they don’t have time to cook.  My favorite for inventive and delicious ways to prepare green leafy vegetables is “Wild About Greens” by Nava Atlas or for quick vegetarian meals try “Vegetable Heaven” by Mollie Katzen.

6, Personalized Nutrition Coaching Package.  We all need a little help when making lifestyle changes.  Working with a registered dietitian provides support in losing weight, preventing disease and promoting vibrant health.  As a dietitian my philosophy is small changes make a big difference.   Start to make real change in the New Year by understanding what best nourishes your body.

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