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Graceful Living: Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive

Eat, Be, Do, Live, Thrive are the 5 essential components that helped bring me to graceful living and health. After years of unsuccessfully searching for that elusive “perfect” diet I found balance returning to the basics.  EAT well, BE present, DO movement and have a purpose, LIVE simply and THRIVE deeply and allow the excess to fall away.

Endlessly searching for vibrant health overloads our senses and depletes us.  In the past I could be found devouring various health and nutrition books and blogs all in the name of supposed research, and I still have a tendency to forget myself and do this.  In my field of dietetics I got away with that kind of crazy obsession without a raised eyebrow.  But until I returned to the essentials I found (and still uncovering) graceful living and well-being.  Getting back to basics means we realize that we are empowered to live well without following the latest trend or health blurb on our favorite news website.  The 5 essentials- EAT, BE, DO, LIVE, THRIVE are simple yet not easy.  It reminds me of when I lived in a small northern Italian village where people ate real food, mindfully enjoyed their day, biked or walked everywhere and thrived so profoundly that I finally understood what my father, also Italian, meant by “La Bella Vita”.

So here is a little teaser of what this all means.  EAT encompasses real, whole, quality food and also honors our hunger.   BE moves us to mindfully contemplate our state of gratitude and our intentions.  DO calls us to move our body such as through yoga (my personal favorite), it is also our life purpose, how we spend our day, how we rest, and how we play.  LIVE is the relationship with our environment, the products we choose to use on our body, the air we breathe and the silence (or noise) we surround ourselves with.  THRIVE is all the things that enhances our health, such as getting a massage or an adjustment at the chiropractor.  When we are thriving we have abundant energy, clarity, passion and joy.  I hope in the coming year the excess will fall away and you will discover your personal journey one essential bite at a time.


Posted in BE, Blog, DO, EAT, Italy, LIVE, Mindful Eating, THRIVE on January 11, 2013.

2 Responses

  1. Nita says:

    YES!!. The awesome thing about about EATing, BEing, DOing, LIVing, and THRIVing, is the action. And when you related it back to Yoga it all made sense….it’s a practice! So everyday I hope to practice all of these things. Somedays will be better than others, but I know as long as I continue to ‘practice’, soon it will become part of who I am…Thanks for the great info!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Nita, I am in full agreement. Our whole life is one “practice” and each morning we can re-affirm our intentions even if the day before we forgot it. Thanks for your insightful comment. xoxo

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