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BE-Intentionally Savoring Each Moment

Every Friday we contemplate one of the five parts of vibrant health-EAT, BE, DO, LIVE, THRIVE.  Last Friday we focused on THRIVE and today we explore BE.

BE is being mindfully in the moment and listening to our hunger and fullness cues. It includes meditation, prayer, and quiet contemplation.  It is how we show up in the world by living with intention and intuition.

When we savor, or not savor, a meal we are in BE mode.  An example of BE is an experience I had several months back while in Montreal Canada.

On this particular day I hadn’t been feeling great therefore I didn’t eat much for fear of upsetting my digestion.  Later that night I woke up in the hotel room ravenous, the only food I had was one ripe banana, slightly soft with dark spots.  Have you ever really tasted a ripe banana, I mean really tasted it?  For me eating a banana was”bite” then “swallow”.  This time I intentionally decided to BE present for the experience of eating.  I pulled back the peel and nibbled off one end, letting the banana rest in my mouth.  Slowly I chewed until it became smooth and liquid.  The banana’s sweetness was overwhelming.  I held the second bite in my mouth and again chewed until it liquified, this time allowing the smoothness to swirl around my mouth.  The sweetness became cloying and at that moment I realized I was satisfied after only 2 bites.  Yes, you read correctly, 2 bites.  This is the power of savoring sensations and experiences, they electrify every aspect of your being, therefore are deeply satisfying.

Today set your intention to BE with your present experience.  It can be eating meals, listening to music or driving your car.  Whatever you are doing, do just that, nothing else.  When you are living in BE take notice of:

1.  The sounds and smells around you.  What scents linger in the air, do you hear traffic outside your door,  your dog snoring in the other room (like mine is as I type this)?

2. Your surroundings.  The furniture, the people, the animals, the trees, the rainy sky, the snow on the grass.

3. Your heart beating.  Can you feel it in your body?  Experience each beat as supplying oxygen and life to every cell of your body.

4. Your breath.  Is it shallow?  Is it fast and quick?  Do you feel the breath move from your nose into your chest and expand your lower center?

5.  If you are eating take the food into your mouth, hold it there for a moment.  What feelings come up as you hold it theren your mouth, are you hungry, tired, in a hurry?

Before you move on to the next activity ask yourself if slowing down and finding the BE improved or hindered your life for the time  you were in it.

For today what activity will you BE aware of?

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